Monday, May 9, 2016

April brings Medusa invasion

April in El Port de la Selva was incredibly windy, too windy to walk on many days. The sea was covered in white caps and the temperature stayed stubbornly low. Slowly restaurants and businesses began opening for the season but not many visitors came to town.

One day the wind let up and we went for a walk along the waterfront. Shadowy areas in the shallows caught our attention. Literally millions of medusa - jellyfish - had swum ashore or perhaps been pushed there by wind and currents. In the clear water we could plainly see their poisonous tentacles trailing behind. They were along along the length of the Port for several days and then disappeared. Maybe it was a good thing that the water was too cold for swimming.

Much of April was taken up with trying to sell our lovely little red Fiat. People were helpful wishing they could buy it themselves or perhaps knowing someone who might be interested. In the next village one lady, who owns a little restaurant, has a reputation of being very good at selling things including two houses and a sheep. She hung our flyer in the restaurant but  this time her selling skills didn't work.

We did have a couple of calls but people just didn't have the money. They viewed our almost five-year-old car as being new. One neighbour who was very interested said she wouldn't really need a car for another five years. We have always been a little skeptical of the "crisis" here as the roads are beautiful, buildings are always being maintained and the healthcare, even with a few cutbacks, is excellent. Now we were beginning to understand much better. The people themselves do not have money and loans are expensive and not easy to come by. Unemployment is still relatively high. With a few upcoming trips and an end of June deadline we had to sell the car. Fortunately for us the Fiat dealer where we bought the car bought it back from us. So, one less thing to think about. Now we could head off on our trips without trying to sell our car while not even being in the country. However, it was a sad day to see the last of our little red car.

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