Thursday, April 7, 2016

March is blustery but Spring is near

March in the Port was pretty tiresome with endless winds and some rain. We did manage to have a few really good walks but then there were the others where we were sandblasted as we walked by the beach.

The rain once again leaked through the ceiling in our guest bedroom. While we were in Gran Canaria the ceiling had been repaired and painted. We were told that this wetness was caused by condensation, but know it is much simpler than that:  It rains -- and then it leaks! By not repairing the leaking terrace the problem continues. We don't really care anymore as we have given our notice and will be leaving the Port. It's not just because of a leaky ceiling. The weather here from January until April can be quite harsh. In August the village and the beaches are incredibly busy, too busy. It is very noisy in the summer with the disco that doesn't start until 11:30 pm and finishes at 6 am. Either the disco is louder or the trees that have been cut down for a firebreak used to absorb some of the disco noise. Then there are our next door neighbours with all their dogs. In fact the old couple appeared last week with their two dogs that bark incessantly. They seem oblivious to it. We are not. Every time we move in the kitchen or go by a window these dogs bark. They were here for two days and already I was shouting at the dogs to be quiet. We will be gone before the summer moves in to full swing.

Easter brought loads of people, mainly from Barcelona, to the village. Suddenly at night there were lots more lights from homes in the village. Parking became worse than in any other year. The sandlot was full and so was the parking lot behind the Valvi supermarket. Just about all the restaurants opened up making the place much more lively. On Easter Saturday the sun came out and it was 27 degrees Celsius encouraging some very brave people to venture into the water. They didn't really swim as the water temperature was 13 degrees.

There were still lots of people here the week after Easter but for us it was time to travel again. This time are were headed for Palermo, a spot we missed on a previous trip to Sicily.

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