Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A walk in a park and then arrivederci Palermo

We always like to have a good walk on days that we fly. Not too far from our hotel were the English Gardens which surround a public historical villa in the centre of Palermo. It is a quiet and peaceful place for a leisurely walk or to just sit in the shade and relax. The park is well cared for and boasts a romantic atmosphere with its wide walkways, benches and exotic flowering trees and bushes.

Designed in 1851 by Giovani Battista Filippo Basile, the Giardino Inglese also features an artificial lake with a statue of Rutelli, a botanical garden of considerable interest, statues, busts and monuments in memory of famous people - such as the one dedicated to Giuseppe Garibaldi.

After enjoying the gardens we once again window-shopped our way along via della Liberta. The fashionable clothes were stunning, but for us it was a trip to the airport. One good thing about Italian airports is that the food is usually good and it was. We bought a bag of pistachio marzipan brutta ma bionni (cookies) that helped to sustain us as our flight was an hour and a half late in leaving Palermo. Other than the delays it was a very good trip.

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