Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wintery weather has us pining for Gran Canaria

As I look out on a dreary day in the Port, I am wishing that we had stayed another few weeks in Meloneras, Gran Canaria. We've had a couple of days of warm weather but then the cold tramontana winds blew into town over the Pyrenees making walking and sometimes sleeping impossible. That is what is so frustrating as we've gone from walking miles every day and swimming, to walking only a few steps as we dodged into stores or a bar for our morning coffee.

So for me it is just fond memories of walking from our quiet end of the Meloneras promenade all the way to the sand dunes. Some days the beach at the dunes was quite sedate while the last time we were there, on a very hot day, it was memorable to say the least. There were nude sunbathers and nudes walking along in the surf everywhere. This beach extends for many kilometers as did the nude sun worshippers taking every advantage of the sun, old couples, particularly fat men, and the young guys posing. They are always in your way gazing out to sea as if they are looking for something. There are gay beaches here so maybe they are actually looking for something. The funniest sight was an older man walking along with a sock on his willy. It did seem to defeat the purpose of going nude.

We looked for places to stay on a more permanent basis in the next little area along the coast called Posito Blanco. It was a gated area with a quite large marina and lovely beach with perfect swimming. Every day you could walk right into the ocean without a shiver. It was mainly people staying in Posito or locals who enjoyed this beach. At the end of the marina was a restaurant with a roped off swimming area in deeper water.

As hard as we tried we could not find a place where we could move. Posito is very small and February was not really the time to be looking as many places were rented. The places we saw were very tired or just not suitable. We had to consider that there is a fine balance between swimming and walking every day and the best weather imaginable and the rocky, barren landscape away from civilization. Another draw was the cheap flights from Las Palmas to destinations all over Europe.

Restaurants and hotels in our village are slowly beginning to open up so there are some signs of life; however I think I am missing watching the daily promenade of Scandinavians, Finns, Germans, Dutch, Brits and Italians as we had our morning espresso at the Calabrese restaurant. Obesity is really a problem in Europe especially with the Germans and some of the Scandinavians, especially the men who loved to parade topless with their gross stomachs hanging out as if it was some sort of status symbol. Today, I would love to see again the assortment of people. But most of all I am missing what is called the world's most perfect climate. It approached 30 degrees every day, some days it was hotter. Nights were around twenty. No wonder there have been almost a million more visitors this year as holiday makers avoid their usual haunts in Africa.

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