Friday, February 5, 2016

Mogan, Venice of the Canaries

We have explored the south coast looking for somewhere to stay on a more permanent basis. Driving east one day we visited the coastal town of Mogan. At first glance it was quite lovely with the pedestrianised development of two-storey apartment buildings with roof terraces and gardens bursting with bougainvillea, palm trees, bird-of-paradise flowers, hibiscus and other gloriously colourful plants. All this is built around a marina and fishing harbour, which gives the bars and restaurants lining the quayside interesting views and a special ambience. Many of the bars seemed to cater to Germans.

We stopped at a restaurant specializing in Canary Island cuisine and had a Canary Island sample plate with mussels, chicken dishes, local olives and the small round Canary Island potato served with a delicious sauce.

There are channels between the marina and the fishing harbour, passing under arches in the buildings and between the port and the beach. This led to Mogan being dubbed the Venice of the Canaries in a publicity campaign. Since many of the channels were completely dry it didn't really live up to its image.

Within the last ten years the area behind the beach has been developed, with luxury apartment buildings looking out over the beach of golden sand imported from the Sahara, and beyond to the port and the Atlantic Ocean. This all sounded quite lovely until we saw the endless rows of deck chairs for rent crammed into the beach like sardines. Interesting though Mogan might be for a visit, it isn't somewhere we would like to stay.

As we wound our way back to Meloneras, we stopped to look at some beach towns while driving straight through others. We saw many more examples of beaches packed with rental chairs. This is not for us. This is high season now with not that many people on the beach but you can only imagine what it must be like in August.

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