Thursday, January 21, 2016

A swim, a haircut and a moonlight movie

One of the things that we don't like about the Port is our lack of access to movie theatres. So on Friday night we were quite thrilled to go to the Moonlight outdoor theatre to see Quentin Tarrantino's The Hateful Eight. Here you are assigned a couch in the theatre with blankets, which were needed since the show started at 9:30 and went on for three hours. Our enthusiasm was well dampened by the film, a sort of Agatha Christie meets Sergio Leone with more violence and disgustingness than you could imagine. What on earth was going on in Tarrantino's head?

On Saturday the rollers were 1.6 meters which made for a short but exciting swim. Fortunately, we have a 50-meter pool in our complex. This was a bit of a wake up call since all of our swimming is done in the sea. We both felt like sludge in the water but with each day we feel better.

We are exploring Gran Canaria with an eye to moving here. The warm 30-degree days are very enticing. Yesterday we visited San Augustine on the other side of the sand dunes. The beach was more volcanic but the water was calmer. This seems to be a Swedish enclave. Wherever we move we want a 50-meter pool. This may be a challenge. Although there are over thirty microclimates on the island the southern end is really a rocky desert and not terribly attractive.

Yesterday the next door neighbour came and cut my hair. With his Vidal Sassoon training he made a lovely job of it. He is a wonderful resource about the area. Since he and his wife are Italian and food is always important to Italians he gave us some tips on where to shop and where to eat.

Today was spent waiting for the DHL man to deliver our amazon books. It may have been a fruitless wait since it is nearly seven o'clock now. There is no easy access to this complex so this could be complicated. We need the books soon so we don't have to take them home with us. Who would have thought that holiday living could be so complicated?

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