Saturday, December 19, 2015

Off to London for bright lights and great theatre

By the time we arrived in London we were quite hungry but what could be better than buying a cheese and onion pasty to eat on the Gatwick express into London. Unfortunately, our eating habits become quite bad when we are in London. Having said that the much needed pasty was delicious.

Our hotel was within walking distance of the Kensington high street and all its shops. That was where we headed for some shopping and a cup of tea and mince pie in Marks and Spencer's. Since we had only carry-on baggage we couldn't buy too much. My theory was that f I had a mince pie every day I was here then I wouldn’t have to take any back to Spain. It worked.

Our main reason for being here was to go to plays. Tonight we saw Peter Pan Goes Wrong starring the original accident prone cast of The Play that Goes Wrong that we had enjoyed earlier in the year. This time we knew to arrive early to see cast members try to solve technical hitches. There were electrical wires being run through the stalls. Every so often it would cause horrible electrical noises and blackouts. Then various ‘electricians’ would try to throw wires up to the dress circle. There was lots of to-ing and fro-ing and shouting as they tried to solve their problems.

Finally, the play began with the members of the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society playing several roles as they battled against technical malfunctions, flying mishaps and cast disputes. The play director was quite emphatic that this was not a pantomime but there were a few moments when the audience jumped right in with "Behind you" when one of the characters was looking for someone. Then when we were told that this was NOT a pantomime everyone jumped in with "Oh yes it is,” for a bit of an argy bargy.

The pace of the show became quite frenetic as it moved to the second act and the clashes with the  pirates. This really was an incredibly slick show and English farce at its very best. The company will perform a new murder mystery play in the spring. If you are in London and see one play I would recommend this.

After the show we walked up Regent Street to Carnaby Street admiring the shop windows and all the Christmas lights.

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