Thursday, November 26, 2015

Vienna: a night at the opera

Of course we made it back to the hotel for our afternoon tea and slice of bundt cake. We had too short a time before we had to leave for this evening's entertainment, Richard Strauss' Electra at the Vienna Opera. Since we had bought tickets at the last minute we were up in the ‘gods’. Perhaps that was a good thing. In front of us on a small screen we could read in English what was being sung. So much of the dialogue was really nonsensical. After an hour things came to a little lull and I thought there might be an intermission but my hopes were dashed as things picked up again for another hour.

The Greek story was performed in modern dress on a dark stage. Although it had excellent reviews it really wasn't my cup of tea. Electra, a nasty sort of person, has disassociated herself from society vowing to avenge her father's death by her mother and lover. When she finds out that her brother, Orestes is dead she vows to avenge the death and tries to win the support of her sister. A stranger arrives who turns out to be the brother, Orestes. He kills the mother and her lover. Electra is ecstatic. Everyone is happy. The audience loved the performance. I continue to have a ‘love and like not so much’ relationship with opera.

On the other hand, we were happy to be back at Ulrich's having another small plate for dinner. This time it was an artichoke in a vegetable broth with thin strips of peppers. Once again it was a delicious meal and a fitting end to a very busy day.

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