Sunday, November 22, 2015

Vienna: Museums, Mozart and Sachertorte

We flew into Bratislava from Girona, which is closer to home than Barcelona. This, however, meant taking a bus from Bratislava to Vienna, which took almost two hours. It was an interesting ride through the countryside. We could tell immediately when we arrived in Austria, as everything seemed just a little more neat and orderly. Soon we were installed in our hotel in an old Viennese house. Best of all it was time for afternoon tea and some cake in some of the lovely old rooms.

Now revived, it was time to go exploring. Vienna is the capital of Austria, the cradle of classical music, the home of the rich Habsburg heritage, and one of Europe's most liveable cities. We headed towards the pedestrian only  part of the city passing some lovely shops. There were many small independent clothing stores, mostly with a retro 70s vibe. I think I owned one of the Pucci dresses I saw in a shop window, back in the day, but in different colours. We walked up and down the wide street looking in some shops and taking in the atmosphere. Vienna certainly didn't have that hurried pace that many cities have. We even found an English speaking cinema.

We followed one of the hotel's recommendations for dinner. Ulrich's was only a few blocks away and best of all it was casual, very busy and had a great menu of small and large plates. We started with an appetizer of flat bread and little dipping bowls of avocado, hummus and a beetroot dip. Thus the name dip, dip, dip. This was followed by a wild boar schnitzel in pumpkin seed breadcrumbs. Oh my this was very good. I had been a little apprehensive that the food in Vienna might be huge lashings of meat and potatoes. What a great find this restaurant was. I finished off my meal with a tea infusion made with sage leaves, rosemary and thyme with a little honey on the side. This was refreshing and really tasty. In fact I am going to have some as soon as I finish this. If you have these herbs in your garden I highly recommend you try it.

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