Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer is here, and life's a beach!

Our travels at the moment consist of driving down the hill to the beach. It's a one-minute drive but we need the car for all of our beach paraphernalia. We have had extremely high temperatures — 46C on the terrace and 44C at the beach — for several weeks with some wind but no rain. Can you get tired of cloudless blue skies? Over the last two months days we have missed only one day of swimming, because it was too rough. When the winds come from the south the water is flat. The downside of these winds is that sometimes they bring Sahara sand and it is much too hot to clean the house.

The village is becoming busier and busier. Right now there are a lot of French visitors. We like them as they aren't noisy at the beach or in restaurants. There are holiday makers from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, the U.K. and Northern Europe. With all the hot weather the weekends are very, very busy with lots of day trippers. In a few days it will be like that everyday. There is no respite in sight with the hot weather, 35 degrees and higher the norm every day.

We don't have air conditioning so the house is becoming hotter and hotter. During the day we keep the shutters closed and in the evening open up to catch any puff of wind. Thank goodness our neighbor landlords, who are here only on weekends, let us use their pool. It is perfect right before bed.

Our noisy neighbours aren't too bad. They are trying to keep the one problem dog (of the four) quiet and so far the parrot isn't barking. They finally drained their pool. This has had some ramifications since the water went into the cleared land behind the houses. A few nights ago we heard horrible noises that sounded like someone clearing their very large nose. It was horrible and went on and on. We heard it again just before daylight. We had maligned our neighbor. It was the wild boar wallowing where the water had been.  

Life at the beach is interesting. Yesterday we watched the large navy blue customs boat come into port. This is the second time this year. It would circle a yacht out on the bay with nine or ten customs officers standing on the deck and then a couple of them would board the yacht. They did this with four boats yesterday but didn't seem to find what they were looking for before  zooming off noisily. Of course more and more people are arriving for their holidays and with the day trippers on the weekend the population increases tenfold.

Fortunately, in the last couple of days we have had slightly cooler temperatures — 27c to 33C. There are no malls to walk around to cool off, only the sea. A few of the dreaded jelly fish have been spotted as the water gets warmer and warmer. I was swimming backstroke the other day and got stung on my foot. Oh my it was painful for the first hour. I soaked my foot in vinegar for half an hour, washed it in very hot water, took an antihistamine and rubbed it with some cortisone cream. That did the trick. I  never thought I would say this but I'd love to see some torrential rain and feel a little chilly.

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