Tuesday, June 16, 2015

El Port de la Selva: summer gets going with art and entertainment

There was much excitement back in the village as this was the big night, Barcelona versus Juventus for of the Uefa Cup. Instead of watching it at home we decided to go to the ballroom in the village, where we could watch the game along with the locals. Decked out in blue we headed to the game, bought our beer and ham and cheese baguette and grabbed a seat. The atmosphere in the room was incredible with pounding of tables and lots of Barcelona FC chants. It was much more fun watching the game in the village and there was jubilation at Barca's 3-1 victory even if Messi didn't score.

The next day it was the beginning of the Tramontana art display. This is an annual event in which lots of huge sculptures and other creations are displayed along the promenade. The theme is the tramontana wind. Some of the sculptures in iron and wood were really creative. Others were perhaps wanting. One was a thin rod of iron with a painted plastic bag tied to the end. Anyone can enter from professional to amateur.

On a walk the following Saturday night we were at the extreme far end of the village when we heard music coming from a drinks shack that is erected for the summer. It is a bit out of the way at the shingle beach. A couple of guys were playing their guitars and singing lots of music that we liked. It was funny since eventually they wound up for the evening but one French lady would say, “encore," or “por favor" after each song and they would happily keep playing away. The setting is quite beautiful with the beach on one side and a giant rock cliff on the other side. Music is going to be happening there every Saturday throughout the summer.

Sunday lunchtime there was a jazz/rhythm and blues duo in the next village a kilometer or so inland at Selva del Mar. We could hear the sounds of the concert in a little square outside one of the  restaurants as we approached. The music was very good so we decided to stay for a while. In Spain no one minds if you just have one drink and sit and listen. There isn't the mentality to push a lot of drinks or food. It was a very pleasant couple of hours listening to the chanteuse who had a really wide repertoire. I loved her rendition of Amy Winehouse's Rehab.

In the evening we went to Playback. This is an annual production where the villagers pick a song and lip synch it with lots of choreography, while decked out in wonderful costumes. A lot of work is put into this event. Similar events are held in all the villages and towns. This year was particularly good but it was quite funny as the crowd seemed to forget that it was only lip synching when Edith Piaf and a few other singers performed. They were clapping like mad in the middle and shouting, "Bravo." An incredible amount of work went in to some of the numbers especially from "Cats" and the "Lion King." The performance plays to very appreciative packed houses for three nights. We have been asked to take part but I think it is a Spanish thing.

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