Monday, June 15, 2015

Algarve: Lagos, many beaches but not much charm

This morning we headed off to Lagos in the western Algarve. We stopped at a  few places on the way to see if we could find somewhere we would like to live. All the time there were beautiful beaches off in the distance. A golf course wasn't the solution as it had only vacant lots and no houses. A lovely apartment building up another horrible road was just too far from everything. Although you could see the beach there was no obvious way to get to it.

Near lunchtime we pulled into a busy restaurant on the National Highway. What a find. Everyone was sitting at trestle tables choosing their fish sold by the kilo from a chalkboard menu. Some lovely crusty bread and local cheeses were brought to the table along with our wine. Once again I had espada and Seamus had bacalao or salted cod. Both were delicious.

We drove into and around Lagos looking at the beaches and residential areas nearby. Again there was that same feeling of being crammed in, impermanence and of everything being much the same whether it was an old or new development. We stopped in the older part of the town inside the old walls and even it seemed to lack much character.

Somewhat dispirited we didn't really know what to do. This might be good for a holiday but not to stay. We were about to head home when we decided to go back to Praia Verde not far from Tavira where we knew there was a nice hotel. Less than two hours later we had checked in and negotiated a good deal for our stay. The room was lovely. We finished our day with a tasty pizza made in the wood oven in the hotel restaurant. Things were looking up at last.

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