Monday, April 13, 2015

Asparagus festival and a perfect Spring day

We have had a few days of beautiful, more normal weather in the Port with clear blue skies, lots of sunshine and no winds. Even better, the asparagus festival that had been cancelled several weeks ago was rescheduled for today. Yesterday all the tents were set up for the displays. This is the best festa of the year and we were looking forward to it.

The bake shops, butchers and seafood shops figured predominantly today selling food highlighting asparagus. We each bought five tickets for €3 to exchange for little samples of food. The selection is amazing. There were breads with asparagus toppings, anchovies, mushrooms and other goodies. Our butcher was busy barbecuing sausages with asparagus and hamburgers. There were huge pans of paella and fideua, which is like paella but with noodles. Muscles, clams and shrimps were being cooked on barbecues but best of all was the stall with wild boar — sanglier — stew. This cost two tickets but oh my it was worth it to eat the lovely tender sanglier cooked with bay leaves, mushrooms, onions and some wine. This came with a little glass of quite strong, rough red wine. It was delicious and very filling. We bought a couple of jars of wild boar pate from this stall. There are lots of wild boar right here in the hills but people here don't seem to eat them. It is never on restaurant menus.

There were other stalls with local wines and beer, soaps and lotions, natural remedies, nautical things and clothes. We wandered around a little more and compared notes about the winter with our Canadian friend who owns a shop on the front. We agreed that winter months are to be avoided because it is so quiet.

We sampled more food, sausage right off the barbecue, shrimps with a lovely garlic sauce and for dessert some beignets, little sugary home made donuts. Needless to say we didn't need any lunch. After a coffee in the Nautica overlooking the marina, we decided to take a little trip to the next village, Selva del Mar. Selva is much older than the Port. It is where the fisherman used to live long ago. There are seven old watch towers that have been incorporated into the architecture so that you don't even notice them. Some have flats in them while others are in ruins. It was a lovely walk through the narrow, cobbled streets and along the river. Once home we sat outside and enjoyed the sun at last.

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