Tuesday, March 17, 2015

With appointments checked off, time for a memorable lunch

It has been a week of running around getting sundry chores done. A visit to the dermatologist provided a humorous lesson in cultural differences. We had back-to-back appointments but the doctor decided to see us together. After taking Seamus' details she told him to strip off and get up on the table. I was waiting with baited breath to see how Seamus would interpret this - he modestly stopped at his underwear. Then the doctor started examining him very very closely through a magnifying device. I know it is juvenile but as I watched her working her way up his legs, peering through the magnifying glass, I really had to stifle my laughter. Then it was my turn and not so funny. It was a bit disconcerting with her assistant standing beside her ready to blast away with the liquid nitrogen. We have been told to visit every six months and take precautions in the sun.

The next day happened to be our 20th wedding anniversary and we had decided to celebrate with lunch at our favourite restaurant, El Compartir, in Cadaques. The three chefs here all learned their trade at the famous El Bulli. Everything is beautifully presented and always tastes delicious. Compartir means “to share” and that is what we did. First of all we had the welcome drink, apple juice and gin with a foamy top, tasting  a bit like sherbet. Our starters consisted of lovely little sardines with fennel and eucalyptus, followed by poached eggs with foamed potato and truffle foam in a little bowl. Then we moved on to scallops meunière with mushrooms and Parmesan. The scallops really were out of this world. Finally,  turbot Thai style with a green salad with padron peppers and peanuts and a spicy Thai dressing on the fish. For dessert we had something called an omelette surprise which turned out to be soft meringue covering little bits of biscotti, mango, pineapple and blueberry coulis. Our second dessert was chocolate bonbons with a wonderful blackberry sorbet. We were warned to eat the bonbons whole as they had a liquid centre that explodes in your mouth. It was a perfect meal topped off with a tasty short espresso and a long walk along the front.

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