Friday, January 23, 2015

Sand, surf and seafood in beautiful Bali

The water is very tidal here. This morning the sea had claimed most of the beach and we had to get out past the huge rollers before we could swim, in water that feels like a bathtub. You are never cold going in or coming out of the water. The beach is very quiet until about 5 o'clock, when the locals both young and old, come down to paddle about in the water or play a game of soccer. At the same time the narrow fishing boats with their long floats on either side to keep them balanced, head out to sea. The fresh fish restaurants on the beach have put out their tables and chairs ready for business. Smoke rises from the coconut husk fires that are used for grilling the fish.

Scooters are everywhere, making walking on the roads quite scary. Many schoolchildren have their own scooters and only a few wear helmets. We have seen all kinds of things piled up on the scooters including roosters in cages, one man driving with three children seated in front and even a golden retriever type dog standing straight up with his tail nearly dragging along the ground.

Most people here are Hindus. Each morning and later in the day tiny little baskets of bright flowers are placed outside businesses, on desks in the hotel, on walls outside shrines and even on the beach. These offerings get quite scattered throughout the day but then are replenished in the evening. I even noticed one basket with flowers and small watermelon slices on the beach.

The fresh fish coming right from the boats on the beach is excellent. So far I have had John Dory meunière and some red snapper. Another night we had a plate with little bowls of Indonesian food, chicken, pork, meat and fish. Delicious. And maybe the best thing every night at seven a member of the hotel staff delivers wonderful fresh home-baked cookies to accompany our tea. It's seven now.







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Country Girl said...

Time for cookies & tea! Wonderful. Looks so good from here ~