Monday, January 26, 2015

Beachside restaurant our new favorite place to eat

Life continues to be a beach in Bali. In fact it is a beach so much that we really haven't done much else. The sea continues to be quite rough but we manage to do quite a bit of swimming, enough to make our necks ache.

Our only foray into another area came when we visited a mall looking for Marks and Spencer's. The mall had a power outage. Some stores had emergency lighting but Marks was plunged into the deepest darkness. When we went to eat at the beach right outside the mall the whole restaurant went dark just as we were about to be seated so we returned to the hotel.

We are finding the money sometimes confusing even though it shouldn't be. One Canadian dollar equals 10,000 rupiahs. Most of the time we get it but tonight, when I went to buy some toner for 18,000 rupiahs, I thought it was exorbitant. When I did the math I realized it was only $1.80, not bad at all!

Tomorrow we are looking forward to visiting the east of Bali with its beautiful scenery and temples.







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Country Girl said...

Nice photo of you two!