Tuesday, December 2, 2014

We wrap warmly for visit with friends in Stockholm

As soon as we arrived at Stockholm airport we felt the cold. After a short twenty minutes on the well appointed modern Arlanda Express, we were right downtown. We were here to visit relatives from the States, Kate and Matt. On the drive to the hotel it was wonderful to see all the Christmas decorations, especially the huge Christmas moose.

We linked up with them in a bistro near the hotel, where I had the most delicious halibut in a very light red wine sauce with lentils. It sounds weird but was delicious. Then it was back to the bar in our hotel for cocktails. Mine was a non alcoholic basil and ginger drink. The bottom of the glass was packed with really fresh looking basil. They must grow it in greenhouses.

Since we didn't take any pictures of the bar, I refer you to Kate's blog, chroniclesofacountrygirl Kate is a wonderful photographer and I'm sure you will enjoy her take on Stockholm.

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Country Girl said...

Your photos are great, El! I mean Seamus' photos, I guess!