Monday, December 15, 2014

No pre-Christmas frenzy here

It is Sunday and deadly quiet in the village. Usually at this time of the year the Port is more lively but this year things are quieter than ever. Is it the weather, which has been a bit mixed lately? Is it the ‘crisis’ leaving people unable to afford to come here, stroll around and have a meal out? Are there too many Christmas activities going on elsewhere? We were in our nearby shopping town, Figueres,  the other day. How different it was from Stockholm, where people were almost in a shopping frenzy and everyone carried one or two shopping bags. In Figueres, it didn't look like a lot of shopping was taking place.

A few weeks ago before the Independence vote, I recounted the story of the Spanish army person, who took down and destroyed the Catalan Independence flag that was flying atop the castle ruins at the top of the mountain. It turns out that the soldier was off duty when he did this. It did result in a flurry of apologies to the mayor and the town. He shouldn't have done it but it wasn't a ploy by the Spanish army.

As for the informal Independence vote that took place a few weeks ago, nothing much is happening. Fifty-two per cent of those who voted were in favour of independence. Since the vote wasn't legal this is not recognized by Spain. In fact the leaders of Catalunya are being threatened with jail because of their stance. Stay tuned for more.

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