Saturday, December 6, 2014

Massive rains make quite a mess

As we drove home from the airport in the rain we could see tape marking road closures. It wasn't until the next day, when we looked at the beach that we could see the extent of the storms that had hit the area while we were gone. The beach was covered in logs, wood and lots of debris. This is a beach where normally a dog owner would be lucky to find a stick.

On Monday morning the water was still lapping over the main street in the Port. Tuesday is our market day in Figueres. We passed streams coming down the mountain, water nearly running out of ditches on to the road and fields resembling lakes. You could boat on the grassy part of the roundabouts. Apparently the road into Figueres had been closed on Saturday. River beds that had been bone dry for two years were now flowing in torrents.

Just when we thought that this house was finally sorted out, we discovered more problems. We were preparing the spare bedroom for a guest, only to find rain damage in several places and a tiny hole in the ceiling. The leak is coming from the terrace but the ceiling will have to be repaired. Although, we don't have to deal directly with the builder, the last leak did quite a bit of damage and took a year to be repaired properly. MaƱana is this guy's motto.

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