Monday, December 8, 2014

A coastal walk and a surprise visitor

December has arrived and with it life has returned to the village. The Spanish holidays yesterday and tomorrow have brought lots of people who have their second homes here or in other words, the rich from Barcelona.

Fortunately, the clouds have been swept out by a Tramuntana, the wind from over the Pyrenees, bringing clear blue skies. As an added bonus we finally found a place to walk that is somewhat sheltered from the brutal winds that can knock you to your knees. Our walk this afternoon was along the Ronda, the walking pathway close to the sea. It was quite exhilarating watching all the waves come crashing in to shore and the horse heads dancing in to the bay.

We had a short visit from Seamus' elder daughter this week, who was in Madrid on business. It was a whirlwind trip but we managed a tour of Dali's museum in Figueres and one of my favourite spots, his house in Port Lligat. We had several good meals but the best was at Compartir, which means sharing, in Cadaques. This restaurant is run by three chefs who used to work at El Bulli. They use lots of foam in their cooking. Our meal started with Campari with foam on top made from fruit. We had tuna cannelloni, raw tuna wrapped around veggies in a delicious sauce. My favourite, which is presented in a bowl is an egg cooked in a potato and truffle sauce. The potato covers the whole thing. It is almost like a soup. My description doesn't really do the food justice but you can see what some of the presentation looked like from these pictures. It was all very yummy.

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Country Girl said...

His daughter is beautiful. Nice photo of the water and of Seamus & daughter!