Friday, October 3, 2014

Nearly recovered from August chaos

It has been a while since I blogged. Perhaps I'm still trying to recover from August in the Port. July wasn't overly busy but there was a deluge of visitors in August including our neighbours on one side. First the grandparents show up to get the house ready, and then there is a continuous coming and going as various combinations of children, grandchildren, dogs and even a parrot come to visit. This year the dogs were a particular nuisance, with incessant barking at all hours of the day, their owners seemingly oblivious. Several times I lost it and yelled across the fence, “quiet!”. It worked a little bit. We were very happy to see the various family members leave until eventually by the end of August, peace! They weren't the tidiest group, either, with laundry, towels and swim suits hanging from balconies and all around the pool. Today their pool is a greenish black and we are thinking of buying some lily pads for it. You could call it payback for all the August noise.

August in the village has people parking willy nilly. One day our path through a parking lot was blocked by a large vehicle simply abandoned. People cross the street without looking and back up their vehicles the same way. At one point we couldn't get parked behind the local supermarket and had to drive to the next village for our shopping.

Catalan is a very loud, guttural language. People tend to shout it rather than speak it. This is definitely a negative at the beach. The main beach is very busy in the summer so we tend to go to smaller coves. If people from various destinations in Europe were there we had a lovely time but as soon as the locals arrived, look out. The noise level soared. It seems that empty space is not to be tolerated and they would talk non stop, absolutely non stop. Small children had sets of lungs on them that could produce ear shattering decibels.

The best time is the last week of August as the numbers diminish. By the end of the month things are almost back to normal. We watch one hostel/ campground and count the number of caravans, 12, 8, back to 10, 6 and finally none. Now the weather is perfect, the water warm and few visitors are here. Swimming at the main sandy beach is bliss, and slowly, ever so slowly the memories of August are beginning to fade. Tranquility has returned to the Port.

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