Friday, July 4, 2014

Luarca, a picture-perfect fishing port

In the morning we walked around the many plazas and wide streets of Bilbao’s main shopping area. The downtown was interesting but the stores were the usual shops found on the high street. It was time to hit the road once again. We drove along the coast admiring the white sand beaches and fishing villages. The countryside was becoming more mountainous with high rounded peaks that reminded us of Oregon. There were ferns everywhere and everything was very green. This is an area that is no stranger to rain.

Finally, we arrived at our destination, Luarca, a fishing port in Asturias. Friends of ours come from Luarca and other friends had suggested we visit as well. We knew that the villa we were staying at was above the town and well sign-posted, but it was like the old chestnut, where you “can't get there from here”. It was impossible to find. Eventually we arrived at a charming old villa with lovely Italian style gardens, just in time for the rain.

We returned to the town and had a walk around the narrow streets before opting to eat in a restaurant near our hotel. After watching the football match on their TV we called it a night.

The next morning we explored the town with its fishing fleet and some very old buildings. With the sun shining it was quite charming. For us it was another day back on the road as we headed towards our next destination, Santiago de Compostela.

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