Friday, July 11, 2014

Cape Finesterre, western-most point in Spain

Finisterre is the westernmost point in Spain and that's where we were headed. It was just over an hour's drive from Santiago de Compostela through green, hilly terrain. As we made our way comfortably in the car we passed many pilgrims making their way to Finisterre. Many who wish to go farther than Santiago complete this extra walk to the rock-bound peninsula on the west coast of Galicia. They make their way up the 238-metre Monto Facho, the mountain on Cape Finisterre.

We wandered around the Cape. There really wasn't a lot there other than a souvenir shop and restaurant, which looked very similar to the restaurant at Cap de Creus, on the easternmost point of the Iberian peninsula. Of course there was a prominent lighthouse. We looked out over the calm sea thinking that the next point of land was New York. Below us the pilgrims had left a variety of artefacts including several pairs of hiking boots.

It was lunchtime so we drove into the fishing village Finisterre. There were a number of restaurants right on the port. Two hake steaks and four boiled potatoes later, we were quite full. We hadn't done enough walking to justify the large portions. Once again we watched walkers meet and greet old friends from their trip along the Camino. Before returning to Santiago, we walked along the wharf as some smaller fishing boats came in to deliver their catch.

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