Friday, June 13, 2014

The down side of a 'family-friendly' resort

We had quickly discovered that it was an English school holiday and our hotel was full of young children who loved recreational shrieking. They would shriek at meals, around the pools and basically everywhere. No parent seemed to say anything to them. They were oblivious. It was accepted. In fact many parents didn't appear to even realize that their kids were out of control, running around the restaurant, while everyone was eating or even lying practically in front of the door where the servers came and went from the kitchen. It was interesting to observe the Russian and German families. They had their meals as you would expect.

Now this sounds pretty horrible and it was but there were four hotels, a marina and many restaurants on the 1000 acres so we could work with it. On our second day the sea at the seven-kilometre beach was pretty rough and it was very windy so we decided to go to the beach on the other side near the hotel. We went to a quiet area and settled in. It was lovely. We had a nice swim and one of the beach assistants brought us some extra towels. Then someone came along with a big basket filled with stuff. He wanted to clean our sunglasses!  We thought this was quite funny but declined the offer. It was time for lunch. Someone had kindly delivered the beach menu for us. There was lots of choice. Great. We called over the fellow from the beach bar and suddenly our blissful world fell apart when we gave our room number. We were sitting on the wrong beach, the one from the super expensive beach suites not in front of our own hotel. Not only could we not get lunch but the embarrassment, we had to move to our own hotel's area, which was adjacent. All was not lost as we had a good lunch at the Beach Bar on the seven-kilometre beach, where we settled in for a quiet afternoon. Shriekers don't like rough water.

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