Monday, June 30, 2014

San Sebastian, Basque country's colourful capital

We finally arrived in San Sebastián after a day's drive across France. In case you aren't sure, San Sebastián is located in Basque Country on the west coast of Spain, 20 kilometres from the French border. After driving round and round becoming tired of the one way streets, which constantly went in the wrong direction, we finally arrived at our pension perfectly located in the old town.

After a quick unpack, we set out to explore San Sebastián. It is quite charming with narrow streets lined with lots of restaurants and bars. San Sebastián is famous for its Michelin star restaurants, in fact more per square foot than anywhere else in the world, but we weren't looking for them. Adding to these cooking highlights are the pintxos or as they are known elsewhere in Spain, tapas. Every restaurant and bar had an area filled with pintxos, where you could help yourself. Mostly these are little open faced sandwiches with delicious mixes of food featuring, crab, shrimp, calamari, all kinds of hams, eggs and sausages just to name a few. We went to the restaurant part, where we could help ourselves to the pintxos as well as order a little meal. We ordered one of our favourites, morcilla, which is pieces of grilled blood sausage combined with lots of rice and accompanied by grilled mushrooms. It really is delicious, not too strong and has a lovely spicy flavour. Of course we washed this down with some local Basque cider.

After dinner we had a lovely long walk on the promenade before returning to our hotel to plan tomorrow's exploits.

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