Sunday, June 15, 2014

Classic cutter a delight to behold

Most of the week has been extremely hot with only faint whispers of wind. It has made for very nice swimming in warm, flat water. Today has been much different. It is still hot but incredibly windy with sand blowing everywhere. We sat on the beach for a short time but with the sand whipping around us we gave up.

The village is slightly busier with more tourists taking up residence. There have been a number of  boats anchoring in the bay. A few nights ago we had the good fortune to talk to the owner of the Alexander T, formerly the Eleanor Mary, a replica of a nineteenth century Bristol Channel pilot cutter. The boat was built in Nova Scotia at the Covey Island Boat Works. The owner told us that she had crossed the Atlantic three times and has participated in several tall ship races. Now the sleek blue cutter is used for family pleasure sailing and her home port is in France.

We spotted the Alexander T motoring to anchor in the bay yesterday. Unfortunately, we didn't see her leave this morning. Today was a wonderful day for sailing. She is quite a fascinating ship and if you want to read more go to

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