Saturday, May 3, 2014

Search and Rescue crew give boaters a helping hand

On Wednesday afternoon we decided to go to the Nautica for a coffee. It's a lovely spot overlooking the marina and the fishing boat wharf. There is always something happening and today we were in luck as our search and rescue boat, Salvamar Alnilam, sailed around the breakwater with a tow line behind it. It took a few minutes to see that it was towing a power boat that we are guessing lost power. For us it was really interesting to watch, for although we know most of the team from seeing them at the coffee bar, we don't often get to see them in action.

The powerless power boat was pulled closer in and then gently nudged against the dock. With everyone safe the Alnilam moored in its usual spot.
Our day's excitement was over.    

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