Saturday, May 3, 2014

Great food and a voice from the past

On Sunday, with our White Rock friends, we followed the twisting road to another friend's house in Ceriana. It was time for Sunday lunch Italian style. There were the four of us, our friends, their daughter and her friend and both nonnas sitting at a very long table in the kitchen.

Our first course was a Russian salad with a different twist as it was made with tuna. Next came the torta de verdura or zucchini pie made with zucchini from the land. This was an age-old recipe made by Simone's eighty-eight-year-old mother, Silvana. It was lovely and the pie crust was perfect. Next came fava bean fritters made by Pinuccia's mother, Teresa. All this was followed by sun dried tomato pasta, a fresh salad and three desserts. There were dainty little meringues and cakes from the local pasticherria, a lemon tart, and a cherry cake made by Silvana. I liked the cherry cake the best as it was quite plain and not too sweet. Of course all this was accompanied by Simone's home made wine.

While we were drinking our coffee, Teresa mentioned that she had met someone at the beach in San Remo, who had played in a band with our friend Dino fifty-five years ago, touring around Scandinavia. She said the lady had given her phone number and would love to speak with Dino. He didn't look too thrilled. Teresa, undaunted, phoned the lady and poor Dino had to speak to this lady. I use the term speak loosely since he could hardly get a word in edgewise plus the lady was yelling down the phone. We could all hear her. Finally, a much relieved Dino managed to get off the phone. We all had a good laugh when Teresa told us that she had actually met the woman two years ago and had saved the phone number. Then she told us that the woman lived in Emilia Romanga, which is miles away.

At the end of the afternoon we said our good-byes and left with a big bottle of Simone's home made tagascan olive oil. We drove through the village to a fountain by the side of the road where we filled our bottles with some of the best water we have ever tasted. Our travels to Ceriana ended with a visit to Pellegrin's bar for a coffee and visit with the owners. A perfect ending to the day.

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