Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cool cars and a shark brighten a cloudy day

This has been quite a week for cars in the village. On Thursday there were three new Lamborghinis in town. It looked like something out of Top Gear but without Jeremy Clarkson. Friday saw a beautiful royal blue Lotus driving around the village. On the same day there were eight very sporty corvettes with signs on them advertising the Gang Ball Corvette Race in Cap d'Adge in September. These corvettes were here for four days in a rally of their own visiting Cadaques, Roses, Empuriabrava and Figueres. It looks like we must be becoming a destination for car rallies. Maybe Clarkson and company will come to town.

Sunday saw our first grey day in ages, but the sight that met us as we approached the nautica for coffee made us forget the clouds. We knew that the fishing pier parking lot would be blocked off today but didn't know why. What a surprise! As we arrived vintage cars of all shapes, sizes and ages were arriving to park along the fishing pier. The cars were taking part in a rally from Badia to Roses.

We wandered around admiring the lovely old fire-engine red Lotus and the vintage white Panther sports car. There was an old British racing-green MGB GT and TR6s and 7s and an ancient great, long Jaguar saloon. And of course there were some lovely, original Minis in a variety of colours. The French were represented by a classic old Citroen and some smaller Citroens in varying shades of red. There were a lot of Spanish Seats in various shapes and sizes. Some did look like knock offs of Fiats and old Pontiacs. Then there were the gigantic American cars. The huge Cadillacs, the Mustangs including an old Bosch Mustang, a very sporty, black Corvette convertible and an old V8 Camaro. I can vouch from personal experience that this is truly a horrible car to own. It may have a peppy V8 but it is a killer on the back and you have to make several shopping trips because the trunk is so small. These vintage car enthusiasts have kept their car for longer than my nine-month Camaro experience.

Italy was well represented with a number of old Fiats. Many were in the original, odd beigy green colour but they all had lovely white leather seats. My favourite was the lovingly cared for little purple Fiat. It was beautiful even if it wasn't in the same league as the antique Maserati and Porsche.

It was becoming colder so it was time for our coffee. As we sat eating our chocolate bonbon and sipping our cortado, we watched the cars head along the main street of the village on their way to Roses. Fina, the owner of the Nautica shared a photo of a large shark taken yesterday right outside the restaurant. It had been swimming around the bay just like us a few days ago. And with that alarming news that is all I have to say.

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