Wednesday, April 30, 2014

San Remo market

Saturday. It was time to visit the San Remo market. There are two parts to the market, the inside with all the food, and the outside market, which is held Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. The market is always filled with French people who come over the border in bus-loads. today was no exception.

We made our way through the stylish cashmere stalls filled with every colour of sweater and shawls then through the leather goods to the inside market. This is one of my favourite markets, with everything displayed beautifully. The small Sicilian tomatoes full of flavour we had already tasted at our friends. So far we haven't seen zucchini flowers in Spain but there they were either attached to the zucchini or in lovely big yellow bouquets. These are perfect for stuffing with currants, pine nuts and soft cheese, dipping in a water and flour batter and cooking in oil until crispy. You have never tasted anything like it. All the fruit and vegetables looked so fresh. We said a quick hello to a lady we know, at her stall with produce from Ceriana before moving on past butcher stalls full of hanging hams and salamis and huge wheels of Parmesan cheese.

Outside once again we joined the crush of shoppers. Brightly coloured clothing, shoes, linens, towels, pots and pans, leather goods and hardware were all for sale with almost everything apparently "Made in Italy," or at least labelled that way. The market was really a riot of colour, something you don't always see at other markets. Our purchase was a linen dish towel with a map of Liguria. We've had these towels before and they last for years. Even with all the people this has to be one of my favourite markets.

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