Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pizza with Friends on the Italian Riviera

Last week saw us making another trip to the Italian Riviera in Liguria. The colours on the drive were the best we had ever seen with the yellow broom in full bloom along with poppies and even bright pink goat's beard. Once we were settled in our hotel we visited our friends in their apartment on a quaint little side street in Riva. Everywhere you looked were huge red or pink geraniums flowing over balcony window boxes. Of course they had to share their space with the day's laundry and people making space to sun themselves and sometimes dogs enjoying some recreational barking.

After having a welcome glass of homemade wine from our friend's grapes we went to the local pizza restaurant right on the promenade in Riva. We had a seat where we could see the flames leaping about in the huge wood-burning oven. Although the restaurant doesn't open until seven the wood is set afire at four-thirty. This same wood burns throughout the evening. Any Italian will tell you that pizza from this type of oven is the best but I have to say that pizza from our local in the next village is much better. Of course I didn't tell our friends that as I didn't want to sound like those people who always have better things at home. But just imagine, a Spanish pizza better than a genuine Italian pizza.

We  finished our evening off with a walk along the promenade to the next village, San Stefano al Mare. It is always enjoyable to walk here as there are lots of little restaurants and bars on one side of the walk and the waves crashing in on the other. It was a lovely way to end the evening.

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