Friday, April 4, 2014

Our visitors enjoy Dali's house and Paella

We have once again been busy preparing for visitors and then taking them on our well established tourist trail. With mixed weather it makes touring around a little more difficult, since most of our activities are outdoors.

Undaunted by the winds we had a lovely lunch in St. Marti de Empuries, in the restaurant right by the church. The service is always wonderful as is the food. With lots of variety in the menu of the day, I opted for the light and lovely moussaka for starters. This was followed by a beautiful grilled sea bream and all accompanied by a bottle of good local Peralada red wine. An after-lunch walk right by the sea justified some of the lunch. Our walk took us past the Greek ruins at Empuries including an ancient dock jutting out into the bay. Finally we ended up in L'Escala before retracing our steps and returning home.

With another windy day facing us, we took a trip over to Dali's house in Port Lligat. It had been some time since we had visited the house, where Dali lived with his wife Gala. It really is a feast for the eyes, with so many whimsical items scattered about. My favourite is the big stuffed bear in the entranceway. This spot used to be where Dali lived before eventually buying four more fisherman's cottages and cleverly weaving them into his odd house. It was designed to capitalize on the views out over the bay, which are magnificent. Dali’s studio still contains the elaborate pulley system that enabled him to work on huge canvases without getting out of his chair! The tour ends out by the pool with its many places to lounge. This is where Dali did his entertaining. No guests were allowed in the house and certainly no one stayed there. He and Gala had only one bedroom in the whole place.

On our last day with our guests we went to the Nautica, a restaurant overlooking the marina. We started with a late morning coffee around noon. It was so nice with the warm sun finally beating down that we decided to order a pitcher of sangria, something our guests had never tried. This rolled right into a paella that Josefina, the owner kindly consented to make for us. It wasn't a problem that we had to wait for an hour, we had the sangria. I can tell you that this paella was definitely worth the wait with lots of langoustines, huge shrimp, clams, mussels, squid and octopus.  It certainly was loaded with seafood, and it was delicious. But what can you expect, when the restaurant is right beside the fishing fleet's moorage.

Our guests left right before the weather turned rainy. With the combination of high southerly winds and rain, Seamus had to hose down the car before we could drive it the next morning as it was covered in thick, caked-on sand from the rain. This was a first.

Now, we are almost back in our routine. We have done all the staple shopping for our next guests. Tonight we are going to the nearby village of Selva del Mar to a pizzeria called Sol de Nit. In this cave like setting we will hear great music and enjoy the best pizza we know of. I'm salivating already.

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