Thursday, February 20, 2014

Five days in chilly Amsterdam

Although the weather in the Port has been quite warm, things were very quiet. It was time for a city break and this time we decided to visit Amsterdam, a city we knew only from trips through Schipol airport. It was almost sad to leave the 20-degree celsius weather only to arrive in the almost freezing temperatures of our destination.

After a short ride on the train and a quick cab ride, we arrived at our hotel in the Museum district. After a welcoming glass of prosecco and a discussion about some of the sights we could visit, and more importantly where we were going to eat, we unpacked.

Dressed in our warmest clothes, we set off to find a local restaurant. Although lots of restaurants were busy we were in luck and found a lovely bistro where we had a Thai beef salad and a goat's cheese salad accompanied by the ubiquitous frites and mayonnaise. Lovely. We thought we would have strained yoghurt, -- whatever that is -- and rhubarb for dessert but they had run out. It was time to return to the hotel.

By now the wind was howling and it was threatening rain. We finally made it back to the road opposite the hotel only to see lots of windows outlined in red lights with a scantily clad woman in each. We were in a residential district right behind our hotel not the red light district. Here were two floors of two separate apartment blocks with hookers selling their wares. Of course I had to take a closer look. We walked past the windows with scantily clad women preening themselves and posing in positions that their mothers would not be proud of. Some of the the red curtains were drawn. Business was brisk.

By now we were freezing but continued around the block dodging cyclists. We could now confidently check one thing off our sightseeing list.

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