Saturday, December 14, 2013

Soy un leñador y yo estoy bien

Today was even warmer and sunnier than yesterday. We had our morning cortado -- espresso with a tiny drop of milk -- outside overlooking the marina in our shirtsleeves. Lovely. Fina, the owner, occasionally has us sample dishes that will be served later in the day. Today she brought us calamari cooked in black sepia ink. The calamari was so tender in fact a bit slipped off the fork and the black ink made a bit of a mess. This is definitely a keeper for her menu.

Back home we heard the revving up of chain saws and the roar of a bobcat as it cut a swathe through the woods behind us. Our stone pine were being thinned out to reduce fire risk. Much as we hate to see trees being felled, this is a necessary measure. Our village is surrounded by wooded parkland, and summer fires are a constant danger. Undeveloped lots quickly fill with brush and pines, and so our township was given permission to thin these areas out.

A large pine right against our fence line was the first to go. It was amazing just how large it was. And then the other, which was partially dead anyway or I think that's what the lumberjack told us. The bonus for us is that our view across the valley and down to the port will be greatly enhanced. They will be back on Monday for more cutting and to clear up.

I don't know what it will do to the wildlife, the deer and the wild boar. Last week we had a pine marten walk by our window that looks out on to the terrace. I think they will just move over to where the pines are thicker away from the houses.

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