Friday, December 6, 2013

Snorkeling in the Red Sea at Aqaba

This morning we met up with our boat to go snorkeling in the Red Sea, Aqaba's greatest asset. We boarded our funny boat, with a giant horse's head at the front, and headed out to sea. Of course one of the first things we did was to have a glass of welcoming mint tea.

We passed several small, local fishing vessels as well as a few giant freighters. Aqaba seems to be quite a mix of tourism and industrialism with the two overlapping. It was time to don our equipment and jump into the water. The temperate climate and gentle water currents have created a perfect environment for the growth of corals and  teeming marine life. I felt like I had been dropped into someone's tropical aquarium with schools of fish of every colour. It was fun snorkeling over giant canyons and then suddenly over ledges with just enough room for your body. When you stopped to look around you could see Israel, Egypt and Saudi. Now that is a new experience for us.

By now we were quite hungry and enjoyed the barbecued chicken, lamb, spicy sausage and salad. Our meals seemed to be following a theme. The ride back to shore was interesting watching the business of the shipping channels. It was time to say goodbye to Aqaba in preparation for our long trip back to Amman.

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