Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sand storms and traffic jams enliven final day in Jordan

It was time to leave the Dead Sea and head for the airport. We battled our way from the hotel room to the breakfast area. I say battled because there was a huge sandstorm in progress. The fellow on the desk had kindly checked that our driver would be able to negotiate his way to the airport. We were in luck. The road was open. When I asked where the storm was coming from, I was told "the desert". Since there was desert all around that wasn't hard to figure out. I had in mind the compass direction.

Our trip into the airport was uneventful except for a short delay due to a traffic accident. What an unusual scene. Cars and trucks were pulled off the road on both sides, for some distance. We actually saw people doing this and then walking up to the scene of the accident to join the growing throng. I'm not sure if everyone was helping or not. It did remind me of scenes of Muslim funerals with all the intense milling around.

Soon we were at the airport, where the computer system was down. It didn't seem to matter, everyone was calm and at one time we had three people helping us obtain our boarding passes. Soon we were in the open plan duty free. What a lovely airport. It was so stress free.

Back home again we were faced with all the builder's mess on the roof. It hadn't been repaired and of course once again the furnace was broken. We had gone from 32 degrees at the Dead Sea to 12 degrees in our unheated house! Still it didn't spoil our memories of a wonderful trip.

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