Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Petra by night

After freshening up and a quick dinner we were off to Petra to see it by night. This was quite a treat. Once we entered the Petra area, we followed a pathway lined with brown paper bag lanterns. It reminded us of Christmas in New Jersey, where our relatives line their driveway with these same bags. In Petra, this was the only lighting. We had to be very careful walking along the pathway since part of it was gravel, part rocks and part old Roman road. After walking for forty-five minutes in the dark and silence, we finally reached the treasury Plaza. What a magical sight!

There were hundreds and hundreds of the little brown candle bags throwing flickering shadows onto the great facade. With everyone else we quietly sat on mats and sipped mint tea that was offered to us. It was quite a meditative experience.

Then a Bedouin walked to the centre of the lights and told us a little history before presenting a musician, who played the oldest stringed instrument in the world. This was followed by another man, who played ancient music on a flute. It was a beautiful experience that will never be forgotten.

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