Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A fond adieu to the Perigord - but we'll be back!

Sadly, it was our last day in the Perigord, although we were very tempted to stay longer. We stopped at Le Buisson for coffee in the very crowded sports bar. Everyone was here for market day. When I asked for a croissant to go with my petit cafe creme, I was told to go up to the boulangerie and buy some. We were welcome to eat a bought croissant with our coffee.

After our breakfast, we walked through the really fine market. Once again there were lots of artisanal stalls as well as the usual fruit and veg, meats, cheeses and much foie gras. We stopped at a fruit and veg stall, where we had to wait to be given some plastic bags for our produce. The lady put a few bags in front of me but before I could even pick them up, they were gone. Obviously, you have to be quick at these French markets. We bought some staples to take home with us including some very tasty small grapes. In all the markets we saw they sold cooked beets alongside the fresh ones. That would save some mess at home.

The Dordogne is one area to which we will definitely return, probably in a different season. We have barely scratched the surface, with lots more beautiful scenery to visit, as well as ancient caves and grottoes, chateaux, gardens, truffle markets and wineries. What a beautiful spot! It is very easy to see why lots of expats move here. Next time we may rent a gite for a week or two.

I leave you with these words of Henry Miller who wrote, "I believe that this great peaceful region of France will always be a sacred spot for man and that when the cities have killed off the poets this will be the refuge and cradle of the poets to come. I repeat, it was most important for me to have seen the Dordogne: it gives me hope for the future of the race, for the future of the earth itself. France may one day exist no more, but the Dordogne will live on just as dreams live on and nourish the souls of men."

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