Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wet floors and cold yoga

Our up and down weather continues. We have had tramontana winds gusting to nearly 100 kph with accompanying blue skies but followed by 80 mm of rain in a very short time. This caused the leak in the garage to pour right down to the storage room below. We have known about the leak for a while and so has the builder but he doesn't want to fix it. He either never shows up or the odd time you see him he says the leak has to dry. This time the flooding was dramatic enough to get everyone's attention and two men came in the pouring rain and stopped the leak. It may mean a whole new roof on the garage. We'll see.

It has turned quite cold this evening so we are glad to turn on the heat and actually have it work. Our furnace, which also provides our hot water, has been breaking down more and more frequently for months. It feels like we are living in a borstal with the number of freezing cold showers we've had to take. Several experts have replaced various parts of the furnace with little success. The latest pronouncement was that we need a new oil tank because of oxidization in the tank. Previously the story was that our oil had not been processed properly because of the "crisis." Really no one knows. Now we have two little oil tanks right by the furnace. Oil is pumped in there from the big oil tank by one of the repairmen and checked every few days. So far everything is working. Could it be that the tank is just too far from the furnace or that there is a problem in the lines?  Slowly this problem seems to be being resolved. Fingers crossed.

Today we went to do all our recycling and drove just around the corner from the fishing pier to watch the waves. The sea was that beautiful Mediterranean turquoise blue. Just sitting there admiring the day totally unexpectedly the spume from a large wave washed right over the car. It will be back to the car wash tomorrow to get the salt off just like in colder climes.

Tonight we drove across the mountains to our yoga class in Cadaques. From the mountains we saw an unusual sight, a ferry quite close to shore. Apparently it was the Genoa to Barcelona ferry. In town we were faced with the streets flooded with the rain from two days ago. Some of the streets were mini rivers. Parking is very limited in Cadaques so it was a very unpleasant walk to the yoga studio. It is strange that there is so much runoff there since most of the riverbeds are still bone dry or have a tiny little trickle of water. That is how dry it has been.

It was an unusually cold night. If you have heard of hot yoga ours was the complete opposite, freezing cold yoga. One small heater can't heat up a room with no other heat and a stone floor. When we entered the studio there was a lady putting on her yoga pants behind a partition. She then plonked herself down right beside the heater and sniffed and sneezed so much that the instructor brought her a roll of toilet paper that took up centre stage in the room. Doesn't she know that coughs and sneezes spread diseases? The instructor was quite captivated with her and all the yoga instructions were given in her direction. Not very nice since there were only three of us in the class.

Meanwhile I was perched on my bolster atop my mat and some wooden floor covering with a blanket around me. By the time we got to the relaxation section  I had a blanket under me, around me and two on top of me. I was frozen. Unless it is warm and dry I won't be going to yoga class.

At bedtime we decided it was time to put the heat on downstairs. We bumped up the thermostat and you guessed it nothing happened. This house.

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