Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tramuntana makes for great wave watching

The tramuntana bringing winds from the the northwest arrived full force in the middle of the night. We always hear rattling and unknown things shifting with the wind. Tramuntanas always bring clear blue skies with a very special light and today was no exception. When we backed out of the driveway we were confronted with the communal garbage containers that had flown 75 metres up the street. It was only the hill stopping them going further. This was a first.

Down in the village it was extremely difficult walking to the bar for our morning coffee. The sand  whipped us as we staggered in to the bar. The white rollers were crashing into the beach and little white rollers, picollinos or little sheep as the Italians call them, could be seen far out to sea. This was a perfect day for wave watching.

We went to the far side of the village admiring the waves crashing into the rocks, and kept driving until the road ended. Here the water again lashed into the bay. We got out of the car and to our amazement some people were walking on a narrow path on the other side of the bay. In fact two people were standing out on some far rocks. I don't know if they had special equipment or not. Later when we looked they had gone. For all we know they could be floating out at sea. The winds were so high it was very difficult to stand let alone walk.

A Catalan flag flies from the top of a hill behind the port and we had always wanted to climb up there. A few days ago we found the route. We parked the car and started up to the top of this south facing hill. We were totally protected from the vicious winds. In fact the walk was quite pleasant until we reached the top where the winds had started shredding the flag. I took refuge inside a bunker while admiring the view high over the village and marina.

Our next stop was a lookout on the Ronda, the path that goes all along the coast. The winds were really gusting. In fact my sunglasses blew right off my face. Fortunately, Seamus grabbed them before they sailed into the sea below. Once again we really had to battle the wind back to the car.

After several more stops we ended right up the coast at Cap Ras. When we got out of the car the gusts of wind actually slapped us. It was a strange feeling. When I felt the wind moving my sunglasses I quickly darted back to the car. From here It was much easier to admire the waves and all the rainbows created by the spume. What a day!

In the nearby town of Figueres we heard that people were being blown over in the streets. At the time of writing this we have lost power, something that never happens no matter how high the winds. After about fifteen minutes we could see all the lights come on in the village below us and a few minutes later we had light.

The tramuntana winds will last until Saturday morning with a big blow out on Friday. It is windy but today walking is not a problem. Things are back to normal with our furnace breaking down once again after only ten days.

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