Monday, November 4, 2013

Sea urchin can't spoil late season swim

A warm, sunny Friday attracted loads of people to the village, in fact so many that it was difficult to get parked for the market. Everyone was out and about walking on the promenade including the mayor walking hand-in-hand with his wife. This was a little strange for a Friday lunchtime but then we remembered that it was a national holiday, All Saint's Day.

There was a handful of people paddling in the water. Of course we had to pick up the gauntlet and go for a swim. This time the water was cold giving that feeling of an ice band around our heads. I had to stop and let my head warm up a few times but then the swimming was fine. Seamus had walked across some rocks returning to shore. By the time I got back to the beach he was limping quite badly. And worse his foot was going numb.

When we arrived home his foot was very painful. We found a black dot on his instep. It seemed likely that he had stepped on part of a sea urchin. One remedy for this is soaking your foot in vinegar and that is exactly what he did for several hours. Of course this made the house smell like a fish and chip shop. He also took vitamin D to help absorb the calcium that the sea urchin puts in your body. The numbness went away and now I am happy to report that his foot is as good as new.

On Saturday our furnace stopped working, leaving us once again with no hot water. This regular occurrence hasn't been quite as bad lately. The really annoying thing is it always happens on the weekend leaving us with the trauma of freezing cold showers for at least three days. Now we are waiting for the man to come and fix it. So many parts have been replaced we practically have a new furnace. We will wait for today's solution, which might involve eventually moving the oil tank nearer the furnace.

As I write this I am hedging my bets and hoping that the furnace will be fixed in time for me to have a hot shower.

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