Saturday, November 2, 2013

Easing into autumn routines

It's Hallowe'en and the weather has changed. Now autumn has arrived in the Port with temperatures around 20 degrees making it slightly cooler and there are definitely more windy days. Swimming in the sea may be over for this year; however last weekend the water was at its best. So perhaps, just perhaps, on the next sunny day we can get in the water. Meanwhile the beach is totally empty except for the wind- and kite-surfers and their gear.

Another sign of autumn last weekend was waking up to the howl of the hounds hunting wild boar. In fact they were very close. Also in the distance we heard a few gunshots. And in fact at least one hunter was successful since later on down at the beach we saw a dead wild boar strapped to the front of a truck. The same day Seamus was very lucky spotting a tiny, baby deer right at our back fence before it skittered off.

Our swimming pool membership is now re-activated for the winter and we are attending kundalini yoga classes in the village. Kundalini is new to us. Although we get most of what the instructor is saying, we have purchased a book just to make sure. I think our understanding of the philosophy of kundalini is a bit lacking. Since we are really enjoying the kundalini, we will likely join a class in nearby Cadaques as well.

We haven't eaten many new things lately. However, one new dish at the Nautica, as part of the menu of the day, is langoustines totally wrapped in strings of potatoes and cooked and then served on a salad. Oh my. This is one of my favourites. Yesterday in Empuriabrava, I had tiny gnocchi served with a deer sauce. I followed this up with beautifully cooked duck breast but suffered for the rest of the afternoon because I had eaten too much heavy food. Both were delicious at the time. The windy walk along the beach promenade was much needed.

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