Thursday, October 10, 2013

We enjoy final swims as village settles into autumn routines

Life in the village is taking on a slow rhythm of its own. The water is still warm, so most afternoons we go swimming. We have to be careful because we have spotted a couple of "fried egg" Mediterranean jelly fish, which are about 25 centimetres wide and, worse, they swim on their own. Yesterday, after I spotted one I tried to stay away from the area where it was swimming, only to find it back in my area.

Today it was very rough so we decided to go for a walk instead. Our walk started at four and we could have been comfortably at home by just after five but we rewarded ourselves with a beer. Then we were joined by people we knew and others stopped by. As a result it is nearly eight and we have just arrived home but are now up-to-date on all the happenings in the village: who died; who has been thrown out of the house and whose restaurant business is failing because they are so lazy.

The village is extremely quiet now. As one friend told us the last person out of the village on September 30 shuts out the lights. How true. Many shops and restaurants are closed. The feral cats that are very healthy as people drop off food for them at their home near the river or a few lucky cats eat the fish thrown by the fishermen on the fishing boats. It seems there are always some kittens appearing in late September. I think these must come from cats that were left behind from summer visitors.

Autumn is the time of year when tiny, tiny little ants invade the house. Sometimes they want protein, such as dead moths, at other times they are after sugar. Once a can of coke burst in the garage and by the time we discovered it a twenty-foot long trail of hundreds if not thousands of ants led to the sticky mess. It is extremely difficult to get rid of them as they are quite cunning. We also get visits from baby, flesh coloured lizards. We don't mind them and hope they eat the ants but of course they would need huge appetites. Huge green praying mantises hang around as well. One stayed on a laundry rack for a few days and was quite indignant, swinging it's head in our direction every time we hung out any laundry. So far they have not been the solution to the ant problem.

I don't think that we can complain since neither the jellyfish not the ants can really spoil the beautiful tranquility of the village at this time of year.

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