Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Visitors provide perfect excuse for trip to Cadaques

I have been a bit remiss in keeping the blog up to date. It is difficult to disrupt the routine  of reading a book outside while enjoying the sunshine and spectacular, clear blue skies. The new Jo Nesbo book, Police was a real page turner. Later in the day it's down to the beach for a swim enjoying the still warm water.

We did enjoy breaking our routine to welcome friends from White Rock. It was a very quick trip but we did visit Cadaques, the picturesque village where Dali and many others painted. Since our friends are real foodies we went to Compartir for lunch. Compartir is the restaurant run by three chefs who worked at El Bulli, which was touted as the best restaurant in the world for many years before the chef, Ferran retired.

We decided to sit outside to enjoy the beautiful day. The whole idea of Compartir is that you share, thus the name Compartir, which means exactly that in Spanish. Our lunch began with a glass of apple calvados with a lovely foam on top. I must say that it went down very easily.

We ordered several dishes to share. We were doing so much talking and laughing that my descriptions of the food are somewhat inadequate. We started with pan tomat, the traditional Spanish toasted bread with tomato rubbed over it. Then we had cod balls served with a fabulous mousse, shrimps in a very light batter, lovely monkfish topped with mango and fennel. This was delicious. My favourite was the deep fried rabbit ribs. Then it was time for dessert. We had a cheesecake with a difference as there was no actual cake but a wonderful sauce with wild raspberries. The other dessert we shared was called an omlette, a lovely white coconut, soft meringue over a mouth-watering fruit concoction. Delicious. After an excellent espresso, it was time to continue our travels.

We continued along the coast to Port Ligat and Dali's house. Unfortunately, we had lingered too long over lunch as the last tour was full for the day. Back in the car, we continued to the Cap de Creus, the easternmost point on the Iberian peninsula. I always love the drive through the giant rocks with their strange, eerie shapes.

It was a lovely day at the tip of the Cap with not too much wind. The landscape had changed since the last time we were there with hundreds of stone Inukshuks made by visitors. In fact we watched a couple gather up rocks to make their own Inukshuk. I'm not sure if I like all these man-made shrines. There were so many of them and I think they spoiled the natural landscape.

It was time to return back to the Nautica for a glass of cava, enjoying the view over the marina. We arrived back home just in time to watch a full moon slowly conjure itself from the mountain facing the house, a perfect start to a laughter filled evening.

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