Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dodging crowds part of summer routine

It is now the height of summer in the Port with everything at capacity. Tourism in Spain is up more than ever this summer and it certainly feels like everyone is right here. Thursday was a  holiday and it was difficult to move anywhere in the village. A late night walk to the pier, where the fishing boats dock, saw us practically elbowing our way through the crowds.

The main beach is very crowded but we can still find some smaller quiet beaches. We always keep in mind that many people leave the beach around 2 and often leave some quieter beaches totally deserted. It is the perfect time to swim.

The neighbours on one side are fairly quiet as different batches of relatives come to visit. That is except for what I thought was a younger child calling someone. I could never exactly make out the name but there were all the inflections that a more and more impatient child might use. It was odd that no one ever answered. When I mentioned it to Seamus he reminded me that one of the relatives had brought their bird with them.

On the other side all is quiet. The mother and father left last Sunday with just the son and daughter and boyfriend remaining and of course the maid. There were a few nights when friends were over with talking going on until six in the morning. No one was drunk or even very loud. Just talking. Of course nothing really gets started until midnight. Last night they locked up and left. We do expect the mum and dad will come back but they too will go before the end of August.

After next weekend the village will be quieter as people start to leave. It can't be too soon for us. Visitors amble up the middle of the road with complete disregard for cars. Some drivers leave their skills behind in whatever country they came from and I won't even mention the parking.

After several weeks with intermittent hot water and several visits by the repairman, the problem may be solved. This time it was a different repairman, someone from the company that makes the horrible furnace that has left us without heat in the winter and quite often without hot water. Apparently, since the financial crisis hit Spain, some distributors are reducing costs by not fully removing the sulphur when they process the heating oil, causing many heating pumps to clog. Supposedly some additive in our oil tank will solve this problem. We hope so. In any case we are back enjoying hot showers again.

Tonight we heard the whirr of the bright yellow ambulance helicopter's rotors. We've seen it come into the Port before but have never been quite sure where it lands. There it was in a tight space on the promenade along with two of the local ambulances. We're not sure what happened. It always takes a long time to stabilize the person before they are transferred to the air ambulance. And it was the same tonight before six or eight people loaded the person into the helicopter and it took off. It lifted straight up from the promenade before heading to the hospital.

It's Saturday night and a quiet band is playing on the beach. Perhaps it's time for a dip in the neighbour's pool. We've been invited to swim whenever we like but we never go when they are here. We should enjoy it while we can.

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