Thursday, August 29, 2013

August crowds depart, tranquillity returns

At last many of the visitors to El Port de la Selva are heading home, although half of them are probably still holidaying here. The population of the village ballooned at the end of July. In fact locals were saying that there were more people here than ever before. By this weekend many more will return to the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, the UK  and Scandinavia. Tranquility will return shortly.

We knew that something had happened in El Port de la Selva when we saw the mayor being interviewed on Catalunya's 24 hour news channel. What was that about? It turns out that an eighteen-year-old German girl, out on a boat with her parents, had jumped overboard and swum to a nearby rock after an argument with her mother. It was a somewhat isolated bit of coastline, but she refused to return to the boat, and so the parents left her to make her own way home. She faced a treacherous cliff-top path back to the port and had no shoes. Five hours later, in gathering darkness, and no sign of their daughter, the worried parents finally decided to contact emergency services. A search was mounted and the girl was found, apparently having been picked up by another boater. The mayor was on television because the parents have been given a bill for €1400 to cover the costs of the emergency services.

Our beaches were quite busy last week with large families coming to enjoy the waves. We really enjoyed watching three generations of an Italian family arriving loaded down with their beach gear and of course food. The Italians definitely rivaled the Spanish in their loud enjoyment of the beach. It is interesting watching how the various nationalities behave at the beach.

Finally, we had had enough of the busyness and took the hour drive over the mountain and then on rural roads past vineyards, sad drying out sun flowers, borage, corn and lovely apples to the seven kilometre-long stretch of wide, sandy beach at San Pere Pescador. It didn't seem busy at all since people are stretched out all along the beach. It's never noisy because of the roar of the waves. Other than a campsite there is nothing around, no hotels, houses or apartments. Just a narrow sand track not even a road. It is paradise. The huge rollers didn't deter us from swimming. In we went and got battered around a bit as we swam, but it didn't matter.

As the sun started to go down we adjourned to the Marlin Beach Bar, right on the beach. It was time for a beer and the always welcoming greeting of the owner. The food, although fairly simple, is delicious. We shared some baby back ribs to die for. After a coffee, it was time to take off our shoes and go for a long walk up the beach, only turning around because it really was beginning to get dark. We will return to San Pere later this week.

Our weather is still warm but not unbearable. The beaches are quieter but the water is still really warm. The house and especially the kitchen has cooled enough that we can cook again. Life is regaining it's regular pace.

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