Monday, July 29, 2013

Surviving summer heat

With temperatures reaching above 35 degrees celsius every day, we are settled into our summer routine of going to the beach every day. Since the weekends are becoming busier and busier with double parking in the sand parking lot last weekend, something we haven't seen before, we have to be selective about our beaches. In the summer we avoid the main sandy beach in front of town even though it has a coffee shop and bar right on the beach. It is just too crowded and all the yachts dock in front of town. The far shingly beaches also get very busy.

We have named our preferred swimming spot 'Spanish Water Dog beach' after Edna, a Perro de Agua Espanola whose Dutch family have also been enjoying this particular beach. The breed dates back to 1100 AD and was originally a herding dog that helped out the fishermen. The breed was revived in the 1970s. Edna is a little black and white dog; although the Spanish Water Dogs come in a variety of colours. Life is never dull at the beach watching Edna, who leads her Dutch family to the beach twice a day. When it is time to swim Edna will cleverly duck her head down and pick up rocks from the bottom, which she will deliver to her owner. If someone throws rocks for her and they are too deep, she will return with another rock she has recovered from shallower water. Edna is a great swimmer and along with her owner and members of her family she swims out to the buoys, about 100 metres, and back again. She does this several times a day. Life will be dull when Edna returns to Holland.

As more and more people arrive in El Port de la Selva, everything is becoming busier. Sadly, the pizza maker Antonella and his wife Teresa have left our favourite pizza restaurant Sol de Nit, in Selva del Mar. Apparently, there was a falling out with the owner. We never knew who the man hanging about was. He was like a pizza delivery man but the mystery was here they don't deliver pizzas. It turns out that he is the owner, who is running the place with very poor service and a pizza maker who is just learning. As if you want to be someone's pizza guinea pig. For now it is a place to be avoided.

Our goal at home is to keep the house as cool as possible. It isn't humid so usually sleeping isn't a problem but last night the temperature didn't drop much below 30 degrees. With a hot sirocco wind blowing constantly from Africa if we open everything up it only makes things even hotter.

We see cars from all over Europe in the village. Although it is busy, we know that this  weekend and next, more and more people will descend on the Port. Then we will have the challenge of finding a new, quiet beach.

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