Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer visitors

It has been a hot, busy week. It is always interesting to see our area through the eyes of visitors and we had that opportunity this week, when old friends from Toronto spent a few days with us. They visited two places on the Dali trail; his wonderful house at Port Lligat and of course the Dali museum in Figueres.

We had a chance to taste the wines at Perafita, high in the hills overlooking the terraces. The Perafita wines are always good and it was fun assessing each wine according to our tastes. The young Perafita guide had excellent knowledge and greatly enhanced our visit. What a beautiful spot. If you don't have somewhere to stay, they even have a bed and breakfast.

We sat on a bench in Cadaques to admire the view and watch our fellow holiday makers while enjoying a sandwich. After a walk it was on to Port Lligat. Our friends enjoyed their visit to Dali's house, while we sat outside entertained by some French people trying to roll their llaud -- traditional fishing boat -- into the water. They had to keep moving the chock that held the boat at the front but it wouldn't budge. Eventually, they got help from an international group of beefsteak and the boat careened into the water.

A coffee at Cap de Creus, the eastern most point of the Iberian peninsula, finished the tour. It is always beautiful to see the strange eroded rocks and the wonderful little rocky coves.

The Dali museum in Figueres always has long lineups at this time of the year. Fortunately, our friend found the information office, where for  a few euros more than the regular admission he bought tickets for a guided tour that was leaving right away. This saved them standing in the 40 degree celsius heat. Definitely worth it.

It is always fun to see old friends, to share reminisces, some good wine and have a lot of laughs. We hope they enjoy the rest of their trip around Spain.

Yesterday, we made a trip to the Figueres market to stock up on our fruit and veggies. What a superb market this is. There are often new discoveries at the market and yesterday was no exception. We saw this green fruit about the size of a large walnut. The vendor partially peeled it for us and told us to eat the inside, which was white and quite soft. It was a tasty, fresh almond. Of course we bought a few. So far we haven't been able to peel it quite like the vendor did. We get to the almond shell and we're stuck. Not only that I can't find our nutcracker. We will keep persevering.

This afternoon started with a lot of thunder rumbling in the distance. Finally, it moved this way accompanied by some cooling rain. A bit of respite from the heat at last.

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