Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Market day and a fun encounter with tiny fish

Tuesday is becoming our regular market day in the nearby town of Figueres. We have been disappointed lately with our own small Friday market, where we have seen prices creeping up while the quality of some of the produce declines. The Figueres market has a huge selection of local fruit and vegetables. So if you don't like what is on offer at one stall you just go to the next one. Then there are all the specialty products that you can buy like almonds right from the vendor's trees, cheeses and hams. Many of the sellers have their own land and it is these products you are buying, always fresh and in season.

Today we were really lucky finding some zucchini flowers. Tonight we had them for dinner. I found a fabulous Turkish recipe, which required stuffing the flowers with all kinds of things including currants, pine nuts a little garlic and grated zucchini, but it also required cooking them in the oven for 40 minutes. Since we don't have air conditioning and it is presently 30 degrees celsius, we took a simpler route: we made a light batter of flour and water, stuffed them with some herbed goat's cheese and deep fried them until they were a beautiful golden colour on either side. These are one of my favourite things to eat, so light and tasty. I know the deep frying is bad but we will have them only once or twice a year.

We also visited the herbal stall. This man grows all his own herbs. His dried camomile for tea is excellent but today we bought some of his bee pollen, which is very good for you.

Once everything was back in the car, we had a walk around the shopping area of Figueres, which is near the Dali museum. I am really glad to say that lots more shops are staying open all day. It only makes sense, as many of the tourists who come to see the museum will also want to do some shopping but until now would have found most shops shut from 1-4 or even later.

Today in the main square we spotted a newly opened fish spa, where tiny garra ruffa - toothless fish from Turkey - eat dead skin from your feet. Even better, you could go for only 10 minutes. It was fabulous. You put your feet in a tank and immediately get a really pleasant tingling feeling while the fish do their job. The lady could see that we were quite thrilled with the whole business and gave us an extra few minutes. I am happy to report that my feet and part of my legs that were in the water are lovely and soft and felt really good once we were walking outside. Next time I might try my hands in the fish tank. Of course I would never eat one of the popular Mediterranean dishes, little fried fish, on a day I'd had this treatment. I'm just kidding, the fish you eat are not the feet nibbling kind.

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