Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hummingbird moths love our lavender

Saturday again saw high winds in El Port de la Selva. Every day it is warmer and warmer but the winds can discourage thoughts of swimming. On Saturday night we decided to forego the live band in the next village and opted for watching the Rolling Stones live from Glastonbury on TV. I'm glad we did. It was amazing watching them and Mick in particular, only a month short of his seventieth birthday. What fun!

Sunday morning we watched the hummingbird moths sharing the lavender with the bees. We had never seen these before. Curiously enough they move like hummingbirds and have a long proboscis with which they feed on the nectar. They live in a Mediterranean climate and there is a different branch of the family that lives in North America.

Once again there was a stiff wind this morning making little 'picollinos' - white surf -  on the waves. It was a good day to clean the house. We'll tape the Tour de France to watch tonight. After a quick visit to the Nautica suddenly there was no wind. After complaining about it endlessly for weeks, I think we miss it. Now the sun is scorching. The bay has been empty of visiting sailboats for awhile but now we see several moored offshore. And best of all the windsurfers are gone.

Tonight we watched our taped Tour de France, which we will enjoy right to the end of the Tour in three weeks time. We are still thinking we should go and watch the Montpellier stage. Since tomorrow is Canada Day it was fun to watch Michael Buble's Day Off. We know several Vancouver stories about Michael and he is a really nice guy.

Then it was off to the Nautica to watch the fireworks postponed from last Sunday night because of the wind. Miguel held back on some of the spectacular fireworks to let them off after the Confederation Cup Final between Spain and Brazil. We asked what would happen if Brazil won. "Puff, puff", Fireworks no matter what. At two in the morning we watched from our terrace but there were no more fireworks. Brazil's 3-nil win over Spain was too much for Miguel.

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